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MIOFIA 5/8 pairs of lashes ,3D mink eyelashes natural ,full mink lashes makeup eyelashes ,eyelashes extension, wholesale lashes

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Product introduction:
1. This is a 8 pairs of 3D artificial mink eyelashes recommended by our store. There are more than 30 natural, soft, thick and slender eyelash styles that restore the real mink eyelashes to the greatest extent.
2. We use high-quality eyelash raw materials and exquisite hand-made craftsmanship to make this eyelash achieve excellent quality without cruelty, pollution, harm, and chemical treatment.
3 Can be used repeatedly: Because our eyelashes use special eyelash cotton thread stems, they have super toughness and are not easy to break. If you use and remove eyelashes correctly, you can repeat the application 30 times. Easy to remove with eye makeup remover or tools.

Logistics transportation:
We currently have nearly 40 common transportation methods and 20 fast transportation methods. Support package transportation in 200 countries. We have set up multiple safe and efficient transportation routes for different buyers. So buyers can choose and order with confidence.

We have independent warehouses in the United States and France, which can more efficiently provide buyers in need with better quality transportation methods