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KS21 YELLOW BRUSH 18 SET <br> 18pcs Makeup Brush Set

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$34.99 USD

Hello Yellow!

Introducing our 18 piece brush set. Our yellow brushes are combined with matte black wooden handles, that are easy to clean off any excess makeup. Our bristles are synthetic with intense neon hair. Our synthetic bristles are silky to the touch, they make it effortlessly to blend out any look. From beginner to professional, these brushes are perfect for all range of expertise. Create all the makeup looks you want with our 18 piece brush set. Our packaging is like no other, we included a velcro strap to ensure the highest protection to your brushes. The velcro strap was built in to avoid any messes and keep brushes organized in a fashion manner. These are a must have!

Bristle Type Synthetic

This product is not tested on animals.